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3D Postwork: Compositing Multiple Renders

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Getting the perfect image is hard to do sometimes with renders out of the box. Not to mention renders take a really long time (on my computer at least). Luckily image editing software allows us to change lighting, color and texture from outside the 3D program.

From this:AikoUE To this:AikoFinal

All you need is multiple renders, an image editor that supports layers and blending modes (here I’ve used Paint.NET)


The base render will be the figure with an UberEnvironment2 light, which comes with DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, set to 40% (I think) and Ambient (no shadows). Occlusion takes too long for my liking.

AikoLightsNotice how washed-out and formless UE makes our render look. I start off with UE because it brings out skin textures and small shadows/reflections nicely (look at her jawline, and her knee). Now to bring back the shadows use a second render. Here I shone a Spotlight on Aiko’s neck (no other lights) and rendered. After that it was desaturated and added on top of the first image, set to 100% Overlay.

At this point it looks pretty good already. The last 2 steps were just done because I had extra renders lying around:

AikoSpec AikoSky

On the left is the Spotlight set to Specular only, which brings out the highlights. That was placed at the very top on Negation mode (63% opacity). The right image is a very weak blue DistantLight, to simulate the sky. It didn’t really do much other than lighten Aiko overall. That was Screen on 100%.


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January 30, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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