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You have this great idea (or even a not-so-great idea, but it would probably look good) and set out excitedly to draw it, only to discover to your eternal disappointment ten minutes later that your drawing sucks too much and you can’t realize the vision in your mind.

What should you do then? The options are limited:

  1. Give up completely
  2. Write down the idea and hope you’ll remember it one day when your skills have reached the desired level of leetness
  3. Just do it anyway, but hide it in a deep dark corner of your hard drive/closet so no one ever sees the evil that you have brought into this world

#1 is what I end up doing 90% of the time. #2 hardly ever happens – it’s usually the other way around, with me writing down some idea and getting all excited about it again when I re-read the concept at home. And then I go back to #1.

#3 seems to be the choice that will actually help you on your way to attaining your goal of being able to realize whatever cool ideas you have though. But it’s so very hard to do. Sigh.


Written by krysjez

March 13, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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