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Painting Knife

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My new painting knife: Brandless No. 6

While waiting for my turn to buy uniforms today at Beauty World I couldn’t stop myself from wandering into Art Lab and looking at the paint section. The staffer today was really friendly and helpful, a stark contrast to the staff who were there the last time I visited (a surly fat lady and an equally surly skinny woman).

I couldn’t help myself and bought a painting knife. A bit of backstory.

I bought a Winsor & Newton System3 starter set the other day, determined to make myself competent at acrylics (I have hated them since I first tried painting with them when I was thirteen). So far it has not worked. I mix paint with my brush, which means that the paint gets spread out pretty thin. With oils, this is still all right: I drybrush a lot when adding detail. However with acrylics, due to the larger surface area, the paint dries so fast that I can’t even finish painting a background before I have to mix a new batch. And naturally this scenario repeats itself with the second batch although I am working as fast as I can.

A palette knife or painting knife – palette knives don’t have the big bend in the middle, but both can be used for mixing – makes managing paint on the palette a lot easier. You can fold the paint in on itself to get a well-mixed color. You can scrape thin layers of paint together into a more substantial pile before you use it. They can also be used for mark-making as part of the painting, but for the meantime I just hope it doesn’t become another art white elephant.


Written by krysjez

January 26, 2010 at 5:32 pm